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5 Easy Ways to Build Your Email List during the Holidays

We all know the holiday season is among the busiest times of year for restaurant marketing. Increased advertising, gift card promotions, and special menu items drive an influx of guests to your stores. With Fishbowl, you can extend the value of your holiday spending by driving opt-in, email list growth during the holiday season, to keep those customers coming after the big rush is over. Adding Fishbowl’s restaurant marketing solutions to your mix of broadcast commercials, FSIs and online promotions can help transform incremental diners into loyal, repeat guests.

Here are five ways that Fishbowl, a leader in email marketing and guest database management for restaurants, can generate an immediate return on your holiday marketing investment.


Fishbowl sends more than 1.5 billion restaurant email messages a year. Fishbowl’s Refer-a-Friend solution allows your existing e-club members to extend the reach of your restaurant’s message by sharing with their friends and family. But make no mistake, this is no standard email forward. Our system has the ability to offer sharing incentives, safeguard against fraud, and track campaign performance.

Increased Guest Sign-Up

With crowds of happy diners drawn to your wintry offers and seasonal specials, take the opportunity to extend your restaurant’s relationship with its guests. Fishbowl has spent over a decade perfecting its in-store enrollment tactics. Our closed-loop system offers everything you need to engage your customers, from custom sign-up slips to data entry service. All you have to do is collect and send the completed forms using the provided pre-paid envelops, and Fishbowl takes care of the rest.

Online and Social Join

Fishbowl has developed guest join forms that seamlessly integrate with your restaurant’s existing website and Facebook page. We make it simple to capture new email sign-ups, leveraging the spike in seasonal online and social activity. The online opt-in form mimics the existing look and feel of your site, but Fishbowl takes care of managing the guest data. The Facebook join form is a custom tab on your restaurant’s page, with an embedded opt-in form, like on your website. Both provide an uninterrupted user experience that helps to maximize conversion rates.

Mobile Opt-In

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, 87% of mobile web consumers will use their devices for holiday shopping1. Be it the explosion of app-capable smart phones, growing usage of QR codes, or the millions of tablets hitting the market, mobile buying is making its mark. Fishbowl has a flexible guest acquisition solution for these devices, allowing your restaurant to grab a piece of the action. Our mobile join form ensures proper display on the wide variety of hand-held screens, and is light weight to ensure speedy mobile browsing. It provides the perfect opportunity to marry your offline marketing with the online space.

Data Integration

Whether you’re booking those holiday parties on OpenTable, providing seasonal offers to your loyalty club members, or selling gift cards through an e-commerce cart, online transactions provide a wealth of guest information for your database. Fishbowl has pre-built data integrations with over 30 of the restaurant industry’s most popular software solutions. Automatically add new members to your email list or append additional data to existing member records, without disrupting your existing work flow.