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Case Study: Creative Best Practices in Animation Drive Higher Engagement

thomas1This casual dine client wanted to drive increased awareness of a new product by engaging its eClub members with a non-discounted promotion. To do so, the client needed to increase the click-through (CTR) and click-to-open (CTO) rates of its mailing. A secondary goal was to address the hot-button challenge of marketers everywhere –to increase the engagement of millenials specifically. Fishbowl’s Online Marketing Specialist Thomas Greene and his team had the responsibility to develop a creative that would meet both of these goals.

The client provided a version of the creative, produced by their agency. Thomas’s team looked to Fishbowl’s best practices for guidance in improving the performance of the mailing. They utilized the following tactics:



  • They replaced a section of body copy with a large call to action (CTA) button. A special “photo bomb” animation featuring a cute animal was added to attract attention. The animal moved over the call to action, temporarily obscuring the words, but attracting clicks.
  • The team crafted more direct language for the CTA.
  • A secondary call to action was added, taking members to a 15 second commercial on the client’s YouTube page. The secondary CTA was designed both to increase clicks and to connect the animation with the larger overall brand story the client wanted to convey.

The results were dramatic.  This creative has had the highest CTR and CTO for the client thus far in 2014. Not only that, but the CTO for the millennial segment was the highest the client has seen this year by far.  The cute animal spot alone drew over 2,600 clicks. The lesson here was clear to Thomas and the team: when used appropriately, animation can make a big impact on engagement.  It needs to be focused on the CTA and the language needs to be clear.  If there’s a larger story being told through other forms of marketing, such as a video spot, the messages need to be connected to be more effective.  Finally, engaging millenials doesn’t have to be a separate effort from engaging other market segments.  It just takes careful attention to the creative itself.