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Case Study: Creative Best Practices Make for a Happy Cyber Monday

CarolineEcommerce marketers have long known that Cyber Monday is just as lucrative for them as Black Friday is for retailers.  For restaurant marketers, the sales opportunity is exciting yet also challenging. The sheer volume of holiday messaging that guests receive from every direction makes for a cluttered inbox.  This casual dining chain wanted to improve its year over year Cyber Monday campaign performance, recognizing it would be a stretch goal given the competition for their guests’ attention.  So they turned to Fishbowl’s Professional Services team, spearheaded by Online Marketing Consultant Caroline Smith, for both strategic direction and campaign execution A veteran of conducting these types of campaigns, such as the QSR campaign challenge, Caroline and the team started early on the planning for this initiative.

 First, the team conducted a multi-industry analysis of holiday email marketing trends. They discovered that ecommerce and retail marketers were starting their holiday campaigns earlier than ever, so the timing became a major consideration.  To kick things off, they ran an A/B test of the subject line, which they sent to 10% of their database.  Once those results were in, Caroline’s team revamped the content to follow Fishbowl Best Practices – they limited the length of the message, positioned the primary message above the fold, highlighted links, and incorporated big images and animation to draw attention to the gift card purchase call out. A holiday theme was incorporated to enhance the visual.


The results were exactly what the client had hoped to see. The open rate was 16.5% higher than the previous year, 7.6% higher than the Fishbowl Casual dining benchmark.   All during such a high volume season!  The success of this campaign demonstrated that advance planning and careful execution can drive the results restaurateurs are looking for, even when competing with myriad marketers for consumer attention in a crowded holiday mailbox.