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Case Study: Maximizing Sales By Retargeting All eClub Members

post_stephanieWhen it comes to maximizing revenues from marketing campaigns, Fishbowl generally advises clients to retarget non-redeemers only.  But there are always sound business reasons to use a different strategy.  For this casual dine client, the ultimate goal was to simply drive more sales.  The client knew exactly which promotional offer got the best redemptions in his stores and was willing for guests to take advantage of the promotion more than once.   So the question for Stephanie Congleton, a Fishbowl Online Marketing Specialist,  was whether or not a universal reblast of the mailing would drive more guests and more revenues – and ultimately make up for the costs of the discount – or whether the unsubscribe rate would escalate.

Because the client was already using Promotions Manager, Stephanie knew that she and her team could set up a campaign based on the company’s best practices and track the results of both mailings.  She used the following tactics:

  • Eight days after the initial send, Stephanie reblasted the promotion to the client’s entire list.  The intent was to capture those who did not see or did not respond to the initial mailing.
  • A new Promotions Manager ID code was used on the second mailing, so Stephanie could track the reblast as a second campaign, and compare the results to the first.
  • Stephanie and her team used a revised subject line on the second mailing to indicate urgency.

CaseStudyThe results were exactly what the client wanted.  Incremental sales increased by 48% and redemptions more than doubled after the second mailing.  Although the key engagement metrics – open and clickthrough rates – decreased on the second mailing, both blasts performed above Fishbowl benchmarks.  Equally important, unsubscribe rates were not negatively affected by the repetitive mailing.

Stephanie’s campaign demonstrated that it is sometimes beneficial to be “contrarian,” i.e. to try variations on generally accepted strategies.  Successful marketing campaigns depend on more than one factor; it is useful to test different approaches when there is a clear business goal.  In this case, despite the lower engagement metrics, the client was able to use a universal reblast to drive significantly higher incremental sales.