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Case Study: Segmentation Drives Engagement in Restaurant Marketing

thomas greene

For this fast-growing casual dining pizza concept, fun is always on the menu. The client’s marketing team wanted to determine whether there was enough passion for the whimsical ambiance of their store to create a new themed eClub, for which the team could build a special marketing program. With a basic marketing program and two other eClubs already in place, this restaurant didn’t lack for variety of relevant information to share with guests. But it was up to Fishbowl’s Thomas Greene, Online Marketing Specialist, to suggest the right tactics to drive sign-ups for this new guest segment and subsequently to maximize engagement across segments.

Thomas suggested an optional question on the client’s join page to enroll interested guests.  Once the restaurant had a database of opt-in guests who had expressed interest in the restaurant’s fun-oriented theme, it became a question of relevant messaging to engage these new members.  With carefully targeted communications to these guests, the restaurant had open and click through rates that were 8% and 10% higher respectively than the store’s average postcard.   These results demonstrated clearly the value of optimizing the marketing message for specific segments. 

Sales Card MMFollowing the success of this eClub initiative, the marketing team is now planning additional engagement activities, including a special and highly creative Facebook campaign.  The team can leverage multiple marketing channels to deliver relevant guest communications.  More broadly, Thomas has used these results to highlight segmentation as the basis of any successful engagement strategy, which will drive more visits and more revenue – the ultimate goals.