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Case Study: Use Marketing Mad Science and Analytics to Drive More Engaging Campaigns

Stephanie (2)

This Italian quick service restaurant noticed that open rates for its eClub member mailings were starting to slip. Knowing the high ROI that comes with a successful e-mail marketing campaign, the client turned to Fishbowl’s Professional Services for advice on how to increase campaign open rates and offer exposure to their eClub members. It was up to Online Marketing Specialist Stephanie Congleton to decipher the problem and deliver a higher open rate for the client’s emails.

 Stephanie, a marketing mad scientist, decided that the place to start was to determine whether the subject line itself was the problem.  With the power of A/B testing, she set up an experiment that held all other components in the message constant.   Fifty percent of eClub members received a mailing with a subject line ”teaser” of the offer inside but which didn’t provide detail – “Special Offer Coupon Enclosed.” Meanwhile, the other half received a more descriptive subject line, using the name of a new product – “Free Item Coupon Enclosed.”

sbarro sales card version 2

 Both emails performed somewhat above Fishbowl industry benchmarks, demonstrating to the client that getting the subject line right is one of the keys to open rate performance.  And that went hand in hand with the lesson that with the right messaging, an eClub is a valuable asset that can and should be leveraged repeatedly in marketing campaigns.  Moreover, the client learned again the value of A/B testing to optimize results.  Interestingly, the “teasing” offer outperformed E-Mail B, with open rates of almost 37% and 33% respectively.