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From the CEO’s Desk

From the CEO’s Desk

I’ve been on board at Fishbowl just about three weeks now. I recently had the chance to meet some of you at the NRA’s October MEG and Innovation Summits. Now that I’ve seen what this company and our clients can do, I’m excited about the opportunity ahead of us. I plan to build on Fishbowl’s position as the trusted technology partner to the restaurant industry — starting now. My goal is to strengthen our longstanding relationships by providing you with the innovation and thought leadership you need to transition into the world of Big Data.

What does that really mean? At a high level, Big Data and predictive analytics offer restaurant marketers the opportunity to turn guest centric information from myriad sources and silos into business insights, which you in turn can leverage to grow your business. In the digital marketplace, we have already seen in other industries that data driven customer insights and marketing programs are critical to building competitive advantage and sustainability.

We have already begun the innovation journey. Fishbowl has evolved from an email service provider into a technology company that delivers data driven solutions like Promotions Manager and Loyalty Analytics. We recently worked with our longtime partner Jamba Juice and with Groupon to deliver a highly successful national campaign to Groupon’s mobile audience, leveraging Promotions Manager for real time validation, item-level restrictions, and back end data analytics. We are responding to the rapid changes in technology as the innovator on whom you can depend for industry focused solutions that deliver value, more revenues, and increased ROI for your business.

Now that I have settled in, my first priority is to meet with all of you and talk about where we are headed. I look forward to sharing our vision with you and to listening to you and learning more about your needs and challenges. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me with any thoughts or questions.

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