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Data-Driven Marketing for Restaurants: The Playbook

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Data-Driven Marketing for Restaurants: The Playbook is designed to provide you with several distinct actions you can take to optimize your business. In this 12-page guide, we’ll cover what to do, where to start, and what traps to avoid as you head down the path to being a data-driven marketer.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Making the Case for Data-Driven Marketing
  • Surveying the Playing Field
  • Enlisting the Key Players
  • The Key Plays
    • Collecting Customer Data
    • Investing in a Data Analytics Platform
    • Protecting Data and Guest Privacy
    • Enhancing Your Marketing Technology
    • Growing the Addressable Audience
    • Enriching Data and Creating Personas
    • Applying Advanced Analytics
    • Staffing
  • Piloting a Program
  • Conclusion: Game-Planning Your Future

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