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Denny’s 2010 “Super Tuesday Sweepstakes”


In 2009, Denny’s introduced its “Super Tuesday – Free Grand Slam Breakfast” promotion by way of a $3 million ad during the NFL Super Bowl. The campaign was wildly successful, generating the equivalent of $50 million in media exposure, skyrocketing the brand’s social media index scores, and driving two million customers to locations across the country on Tuesday, February 3rd, between 2p.m. and 6p.m. All this success was despite a lagging full service restaurant sector, which saw a 5% overall decline in revenue for the same period.

Yet, if there was a criticism of the inaugural “Super Tuesday” campaign, Denny’s then-CEO Nelson Marchioli felt that the promotion “lost some of that stickiness with consumers as the year went on.” When the decision was made to spend another $6+ million for three 30-second spots during the 2010 Super Bowl, Denny’s turned to Fishbowl for help overcoming last year’s lacking longevity.


Extend the value of the second annual “Super Tuesday” promotion by growing opt-in members for the new “Denny’s Rewards” program: a new email club that provides its subscribers exclusive offers and news about the brand’s latest promotions.


The February 9, 2010 edition of the “Super-Tuesday” promotion experienced success similar to the initial campaign. Another two million customers rushed the chain’s 1,500+ locations the following Tuesday, between 2p.m. and 6p.m. — only this time, Denny’s captured opt-in email addresses for nearly half a million of them.

A combination of in-store sign-up slips, a sweepstakes micro-site, social media promotion and email blasts to Denny’s existing customer database drove 313,764 offline and 171,563 online opt-ins for the new “Denny’s Rewards” Program. This is more than nine times the total 50,816 guest registrations gained via the 2009 campaign.