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Offer Manager Success Story

Fishbowl recently worked with a casual family-style chain, who was interested in sending out a rich offer while controlling for fraud. They chose to deploy this offer using Fishbowl’s Offer Manager so they could accurately measure offer ROI and eliminate fraudulent redemptions. Results from this promotion far exceeded expectations.

  • The promotion was sent to over 400,000 eClub members.
  • The offer was for $10 off a $20 minimum purchase.
  • 25 locations from this casual chain concept participated.
  • Offer Manager prevented over 450 invalid redemptions, saving the concept over $4,500 from invalid offers.
  • The savings from this single offer, paid for the product for an entire quarter.
  • Other benefits: operational improvements, IT efficiencies and deep marketing intelligence.

Fraud Prevention? check
Precise ROI Measurement? check
Customer Insights? check

Offer Manager

Offer Manager was developed to help restaurants eliminate offer fraud, measure true campaign ROI and gather detailed purchase and dining preferences at the check level. See how Offer Manager works to close the Sales loop >>