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Optimizing Promotions Manager: Don’t Leave Money on the Table

post_drewFishbowl’s Promotions Manager solution delivers check level transaction data. This kind of information can really help restaurant marketers gain critical insights about guest behavior.  The key is to understand how to leverage the solution to effectively grow sales.  Fishbowl’s Product Specialist, Drew Hebble, works with our Promotions Manager users to identify opportunities to quickly drive incremental sales. He leverages case studies to demonstrate that the returns from optimization are significant, frequently in the double digits.  We sat down with Drew to talk about key takeaways from the Promotions Manager results he has analyzed and to get the playbook for what clients should be doing.

Drew starts by looking for what he calls the “low hanging fruit,” initiatives that will make an immediate difference for clients.  Since retargeting is the simplest and probably the most effective way to leverage Promotions Manager to grow sales, Drew looks at the opportunities to apply retargeting to triggered message campaigns.  He says, “To maximize revenues from a campaign, the most important thing you can do – besides getting the creative and the messaging right – is to retarget non-redeemers.” Drew analyzes the results from all of a client’s retargeting campaigns and uses that information to forecast annual incremental net revenue, which also gives the client an understanding of the return on marketing spend.

Drew finds that the most frequent question clients ask is “What’s the best offer to send?” From his perspective, what they really want to know is “How do I optimize my offers?”  To build a forecast of annual incremental net revenue and an action plan of marketing initiatives to drive it, he shows clients how to use Promotions Manager data to analyze their offers across key performance metrics, such as redemption rates, average spend, open rates, and more.  post_iconDrew2He always emphasizes that the power of Promotions Manager extends beyond email; clients can use its unique codes to track promotions across all marketing channels, whether print, social media, FSI’s, etc., and make investment decisions based on performance.

Drew also draws attention to another key opportunity for Promotions Manager optimization: acquisition.  Clients who use Promotions Manager to analyze Welcome Offers and to subsequently track the behavior of those guests on an ongoing basis gain deep insights into the performance of their acquisition channels. Ultimately they have the opportunity to know the value of each member of their database. As Drew says, “By optimizing Promotions Manager, clients can leverage their data to understand guest behavior and drive incremental revenues.  There’s so much opportunity to grow your business.  It’s deceptively powerful.”