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Are You Sure Your Customers Are Truly Loyal?

Think about it. You’re receiving high satisfaction ratings from customers, you’ve got good social media buzz, but these seemingly happy customers are not necessarily coming back. A recent White Box... more

Cava’s It Factor: see how this restaurant reads its customers’ minds

An Emerging Brands 2017 profile: Why is Cava best poised for success? Cava had us at ratings. And reviews. And growing traffic over time. But when we looked even deeper... more

The customer is always right: Olga’s Kitchen listens to guest data to grow valuable relationships while cutting costs

Leveraging data analytics for success is a challenge of two skills: knowing the right questions to ask, and knowing what to do with the answers. Backed by data insights from... more

The Real Questions You Should Be Asking about Your Unsubscribes (It’s Probably Not What You’re Thinking)

It’s just rude, really. First someone gives you their email address, an open invitation to communicate with them (legally speaking, anyway), so you spend your valuable time crafting a message... more

An Easy Eight: Best Practices for Successful Restaurant Offers and Promotions

Years of working with restaurant industry clients to design and execute offers have taught us some great lessons. For a recent webinar, we took the opportunity to set in writing... more