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Growing Your Marketable Audience through SMS

The Challenge A national QSR wanted to grow their marketing list while implementing a new channel to supplement email marketing. The Solution The chain deployed an SMS program in May... more

Recovering from a Damaging Price Increase

The Challenge A QSR chain had completed a menu price increase and soon after saw rapid transaction erosion. The brand then quickly reversed the price increase to try and stem... more

Measuring Sales Lift from Groupon Promotions

The Challenge With an opportunity to deploy a promotion through Groupon fast approaching, a national quick-service restaurant chain wanted to measure the impact of the offer on annual spend of... more

Targeting with Detailed Guest Personas

The Challenge A regional, full-service restaurant asked: Who are my guests? What are the behaviors of the segments that visit my stores? What are the behaviors and preferences of these... more

Evaluating the Impact of a Loyalty Program

The Challenge A national quick-serve chain wanted to evaluate the benefit of their loyalty and eClub programs. They wanted to know: Do members that join the eClub perform better than... more