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Your guests’ phones go wherever they go.

With an SMS marketing solution, you can engage your guests on their preferred device. Acquire new guests, grow loyalty, and leverage the immediacy of text messages to drive traffic and sales.

*The average user checks their mobile device 150 times/day.

With SMS Text Messaging:
  • Engage guests on mobile devices
  • Drive sales and traffic
  • Distribute promotions
  • Acquire loyalty members
  • Drive loyalty program participation
  • Deliver time-sensitive announcements
  • And more
What do our users say?

We recently surveyed our database of restaurant enthusiasts to learn more about how they use SMS marketing with restaurants. This is what they said:

With Fishbowl’s SMS Marketing solution, we help you send text messages that craft a loyalty by leveraging the power of our guest-centric marketing analytics platform. We can help you grow your marketing subscriber list, engage through multi-channel campaigns, and provide you with integrated reporting across marketing channels.

Case Study
Growing Your Marketable
Audience with SMS

Learn how one client learned more about their guests’ behaviors and preferences while growing their marketable audience by 247%.

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