About Us

Our Mission:

Our mission is to help restaurants realize the value of every guest.

About Us:

For two decades, Fishbowl has partnered with thousands of restaurants to help them create data-directed marketing campaigns and menu pricing solutions that keep their guests connected, informed, and coming back.

Fishbowl’s leadership team brings in-depth technology development and services delivery experience to the company, with expertise in CRM, analytics, mobile, SaaS, cloud computing, web applications, marketing, and professional services. Our executives have broad industry experience, including the restaurant industry, retail, and professional services.

  • Photo of Mike Dodson

    Mike Dodson

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Photo of John Martin

    John Martin

    Chief Revenue Officer

  • Photo of Dave Arthurs

    Dave Arthurs

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Photo of Atanu Ghoshal

    Atanu Ghoshal

    Executive Vice President, Finance

  • Photo of Brian Eckel

    Brian Eckel

    Senior Vice President, Operations

  • Photo of Joanne Fontaine

    Joanne Fontaine

    Senior Vice President, Global Customer Success & Managing Director UK

  • Photo of Jayne Strickland

    Jayne Strickland

    Senior Vice President, Analytics Services