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As a strategic partner of OpenTable, Fishbowl is the preferred email marketing provider for all OpenTable clients. Fishbowl is integrated with your OpenTable software. When guests make reservations online and opt to receive special event emails from your restaurants, those guests’ email addresses are sent to your Fishbowl account. Every night. Automatically.

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Fishbowl is the leading provider of online marketing for the restaurant industry. Our solution was designed specifically with independent restaurants in mind: you won’t need a degree in marketing or IT to send professional, persuasive emails that get more customers in the door more often! Best of all, joint customers of OpenTable and Fishbowl receive a set number of free messages to send per month. Learn more about pricing >>

Special Features for OpenTable Clients

All OpenTable clients experience an enhanced version of Fishbowl’s Local Email. Take a look at these exciting extras:

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Fishbowl help create guest loyalty and drive repeat business?

We help you set up automated loyalty messages, such as Welcome to the eClub, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary emails. These messages help retain and improve guest loyalty to your restaurant.

I have a list but I haven’t collected guest birthdays or anniversaries, can you help with that?

Yes, we can help you get that information so you can send automatic triggered messages for guest birthdays and anniversaries to encourage guest loyalty.

I’m not tech savvy, does that matter?

Not at all, you can quickly create great looking emails using our library of over 500 design templates. If you work with a web designer that’s fine too! It’s easy to upload images or html to create custom emails. And we have live customer support in case you need help.

Why shouldn’t I just send email using Outlook or Gmail?

Mailing to large numbers of customers on a regular basis from a personal or company email account often results in a significant portion of those emails flagged as junk mail and never reaching the inbox of their intended recipient. With Fishbowl, you don’t have to worry about that – we work hard to ensure that every email we sent for you has the best possible chance of being delivered. Over the past 12 years Fishbowl has developed strong relationships and become white-listed with all the top ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail etc. As a result, these ISPs trust that the emails we send for our customers are valid and are not spam.

Why is OpenTable email being replaced with Fishbowl?

OpenTable saw an opportunity to offer its customers a more robust email solution by expanding on its existing relationship with Fishbowl.

What does Fishbowl’s Email program provide that OpenTable does not?

Reporting: View details on every email sent including data such as; how many messages you sent, how many were delivered, number of hard bounces and soft bounces, how many emails were opened, how many people unsubscribed, how many people clicked on links in your emails and which links they clicked on.

Templates: Fishbowl has over 500 restaurant themed templates, and sample pre written content for Events and Promotions to give you ideas on what to email about. We make it easy to create emails about upcoming events or holidays.

Automated Loyalty Messages: We’ll help you set up Automated Loyalty Messages to send to your member list, such as Welcome to the Eclub, Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary. Once these are turned on, they’ll send automatically to your members, without you having to lift a finger.

What is CAN SPAM and do I need to worry about that?

The CAN-SPAM Act is a law that sets rules for email marketers. The two main points to understand regarding CAN SPAM is that members of your email list, by law, must have Opted-In to receive marketing messages from your business, and must have a way to Opt-Out. Fishbowl is fully CAN-SPAM compliant, and will only include guests who have Opted-In to receive marketing messages from your business into your Fishbowl member list. We make sure there is always an Opt-Out link at the bottom of each marketing email you send.

I’m really busy running a restaurant, how much time is this going to take?

Our platform is simple to use, and not a big time commitment. Use our event calendar to help spark ideas for emails to guests that promote reservations. Best practices suggest you send 2 to 4 event-driven, holiday, or newsletter emails a month, this translates into about 6 hours per month on average. Or if you prefer, you can take advantage of our full-service SM3 team to help with your online marketing.

How do I sign up for Fishbowl?

To sign up for Fishbowl, click the Marketing button on your OpenTable ERB to reach the Fishbowl Setup page or call us at 1.855.733.5303 and we’ll walk you through getting signed up.

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