New Guest Acquisition

New Guest Acquisition

We’ll get customers through your doors, you keep them coming back.

Quality food is a great foundation, but if no one knows about it, you won’t last long. Here are some of the steps we’ll take to keep your chefs busy:

Use paid Facebook & Instagram ads to introduce your restaurant to locals.

Our guest enrollment tools make it easy for you to collect and store guest contact information.

Create and post shareable content on Facebook & Twitter to reach new audiences.

Putting People In Chairs

Finding a constant stream of new guests can be both challenging and time-consuming. Fortunately, Fishbowl has a deep roster of marketing experts who have helped thousands of independent restaurants deploy software solutions that make guest acquisition seem automatic.

Our Proof


On average clients have 69% more Facebook followers when using Fishbowl Services.


On average clients experience a 49% growth in e-club size after using Fishbowl Services.

Decades of Experience

Fishbowl wrote the book on guest engagement more than twenty years ago. With expertise in restaurant industry best practices and digital market strategies, we can help you set objectives, plan promotions, evaluate performance and increase profitability.

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