Marketing, Loyalty & WIFI

Marketing, Loyalty, & WiFi

Engage guests through loyalty campaigns & build e-club lists through your WiFi.

Once you’ve found new guests, your business success depends on getting repeat visits. Here’s how we make it happen:

Conduct ongoing loyalty and monthly marketing campaigns to drive repeat visits.

Use email to promote new menu items, online coupons and store events to drive revenue.

Manage Facebook/Instagram advertising campaigns to drive store traffic.

Grow your e-club list through easy WiFi guest sign-ins.

Create sharable content that elevates your brand and gives your restaurant a unique personality.

Loyalty Matters

Loyal customers become your best salespeople. Our Account Team uses planning that is consistent, repeatable, scalable, and creative to deliver compelling marketing campaigns designed to keep your restaurant top of mind.

Our Proof


On average, Fishbowl Services clients enjoy a 12% higher email open rate.


On average, we deliver an 83% improvement in click-thru rates.

Decades of Experience

Fishbowl wrote the book on guest engagement more than twenty years ago. With expertise in restaurant industry best practices and digital market strategies, we can help you set objectives, plan promotions, evaluate performance and increase profitability.

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