Social Media

Engage with Social Media

Capitalize on a proven recipe for building an authentic brand.

Our Account Team will help you build an online presence that is a digital extension of your restaurant. We can't replicate the smells or tastes from your kitchen, but we can:

Create Facebook/Instagram ads that increase store visits, reservations, and online orders.

Set up thoughtfully curated profiles on Facebook and Twitter.

Post weekly to social media sites to keep your followers engaged.

Build an audience of followers that you can consistently market to.

Know Your Guests

Social media platforms provide a unique outlet for authentic, spontaneous engagement with your fans. A carefully curated and well-maintained social media profile can not only enhance brand perception, but also drive loyalty and introduce your brand to countless potential guests.

Our Proof


On average, our clients have grown followers by 69% in the first year of using Fishbowl Services.


On average, Fishbowl’s Services clients receive 10% higher Facebook impressions.

A Decade of Experience

With more than a decade of experience managing a database of over 59 million guests and a team well versed in restaurant industry best practices, we can help you set objectives, plan promotions and evaluate performance.

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