When COVID-19 Accelerated the Demand for Off-Premise Dining, Restaurants Sprang into Action

Even before March 2020, restaurant experts predicted the rise of off-premise dining options to meet growing consumer expectations for online ordering. The demand grew exponentially as consumers sought food options while sheltering in place to combat COVID. The rise of bundles, family packaged options and even of terms such as ‘contactless’ pickup and ‘touchless’ menus have become part of the new norm. While some brands were already in the off-premise groove, others had to develop and execute their plans at record speed. In addition to retaining a guest-first central focus, key factors to off-premise success lie in the combination of inventive new strategies with old-fashioned hard work, as evidenced by some of Fishbowl’s Emerging Brands.

*Source: Fishbowl Promotions Manager

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