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Acquire new members and obtain guest data from multiple touchpoints along their journey (digital capture, text-to-join, guest slips), allowing multiple ways for guests to engage with your brand.



Expanded channels for capturing digital guest data including open Table, Seatme, OLO, SMG, InMoment and more.

Speed & Convenience

Create landing pages quickly with easy drag-and-drop functionality.


Intuitive member management and segmentation builders for easier 1:1 messaging. All you need to manage member attributes, create segmentation and target audience lists – all in one place.



Enhanced support for 1:1 messaging based on behavioral triggers.

Member Profiles

Assign member tags for easy segmentation.

Campaign performance for key metrics by store and region.


Nimble drag & drop work flows, expanded automations for more personal, relevant connections. Intuitive interface allows more time for strategy and creative. All you need to create
a guest communication in a single place.



Drag & drop editor and use of either our template library or html makes building communication streams fast and easy.


Build one email, optimized for desktop and mobile.

Send automated text messages to guests based on events or member data.


Create a conversation with your members that is personal, relevant, and timely. Automated campaigns help you reward highly-engaged members and create loyal fans.



Send campaigns to members who haven’t responded in a while, or deliver a celebratory message after they complete an action.


Automated message based on purchase behavior such as last online order purchase date. Dynamic content and personalized messages increase guest responses.


Our Local Store Marketing (LSM) console gives franchisees and local stores the ability to create and send emails and SMS campaigns, but maintain control and permission-based access, including blackout dates.


Create and Manage

Create and manage corporate approved templates and workflows.

Monitor Growth

Monitor list growth and mailing activity by store and region. Campaign performance for key metrics by store and region.


A central reporting hub on all campaign & member stats, view on-the-go, and set alerts on the metrics and thresholds you need most.



Monitor performance by day of week, acquisition channel, campaign type and more.

Fishbowl Performance Index

Benchmarks that quickly identify opportunities by campaign, store and more.

Decades of Experience

Fishbowl wrote the book on guest engagement more than twenty years ago. With expertise in restaurant industry best practices and digital market strategies, we can help you set objectives, plan promotions, evaluate performance and increase profitability.

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