Total Menu Management

Total Menu Management

Guidance on the important decisions about your menu.
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Complete Menu Engineering driven by four drivers that work in tandem:  Sales and Profit, Traffic, Menu Complexity and Brand Relevance.


Understand how menu items help you capture sales and impact profits

Gain insight into your menu’s ability to increase guest frequency or reach

Know your pricing opportunities and the impact of changing menu items

Comprehend the pricing power of each store

Identify how changing the price of a menu item can lead to lost sales

Effectively set promotional prices to optimize profits


TURF research


Purchase Profile

Store Pricing Power

Advanced Menu Engineering

Competitive Price Scans

Menu Management is Just a Tip of the Iceberg

The Fishbowl solution also includes tools for restaurant marketing, customer engagement, guest analytics, and much more. Contact us to customize a solution to fit your specific restaurant challenges.

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