Promotions Manager

Promotions Manager

A powerful marketing solution that enables you to easily create promotions, incorporate them into any marketing strategy, and track and analyze the results.
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Product Benefits

Simplify redemption with easy-to-scan codes and a single key on the POS

Prevent Fraud with unique individual coupon codes and real-time verification

Measure individual attribution by matching the POS transaction data to the individual guest

Analyze and Optimize strategy with closed-loop reporting and triggered re-engagement for non-redeemers

Maximize the value of your discount strategy with measurable ROI while driving sales and visits

Product Features

Link promotions directly to store-level menus

Customize restrictions by menu, hours, and location

PM supports multiple offer-types with one-key redemption

PM supports manager overrides for rejected offers

Bulk code distribution for printed offers

Integration with online ordering and table tablet systems

Promotion vanity codes