The Fishbowl Solution

Delivering Unique, Optimized Outcomes for the Restaurant Vertical
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We empower restaurants to succeed in a changing digital, data and device environment with solutions focused on their guests.

  Guests :: Known

Analytics to help you increase visits from lapsed guests by 120%

  • Guest Analytics provides insights from guest data to understand dining decisions and create personalized communications that build loyalty
  • Total Menu Management lets you set prices confidently with Fishbowl analytical services that ensure maximum tables turned
  • 360 CRM data can be leveraged to design campaigns and promotions to win back lapsed guests, acquire new ones, and drive repeat visits

  Guests :: Reached

An email platform with 95% deliverability rates 

  • Our Campaign Services will help you develop, test and measure campaigns that optimize your stores’ marketing channels, so you can determine true ROI
  •  Email  platform that enables you to tailor your messaging to each customer’s preferred content, timing, and channel to win share of stomach and brand affinity
  • Local Store Marketing will deliver authentically local messaging and a consistent brand image

 Guests :: Delighted

25% loyalty conversion rates through omni-channel conversion 

  • Programs designed to foster loyal relationships with individuals and maximize value for both your brand and guests
  • Promotions Manager delivers closed-loop promotions to influence in-store behavior, optimize discounts, and reduce fraud
  • Guest relationships enriched no matter how frequently they visit

Our Technology

See how Fishbowl's open, easily-integrated, breakthrough technology can help you gain critical customer insights and drive marketing success, enabling you to outperform the competition.

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