The Fishbowl Solution

Delivering Unique, Optimized Outcomes for the Restaurant Vertical
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Guests :: Known

  • Use insights from guest data to understand dining decisions and create personalized communications that build loyalty
  • Set prices confidently with Fishbowl analytical services that ensure maximum tables turned
  • Leverage 360 CRM data to design campaigns and promotions to win back lapsed guests, acquire new ones, and drive repeat visits

Guests :: Reached

  • Develop, test and measure campaigns that optimize your stores’ marketing channels, so you can determine true ROI
  • Tailor your messaging to each customer’s preferred content, timing, and channel to win share of stomach and brand affinity
  • Deliver authentically local messaging and a consistent brand image

Guests :: Delighted

  • Create programs to foster loyal relationships with individuals that maximize value for both your brand and guests
  • Deliver closed-loop promotions to influence in-store behavior, optimize discounts, and reduce fraud
  • Develop relationships with guests no matter how frequently they visit

Our Technology

See how Fishbowl's breakthrough technology can help you gain critical insights to your customers to help you outperform the competition.

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