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By leveraging rich guest insights, Fishbowl’s clients acquire new customers and retain existing ones through more relevant engagement, driving greater sales and traffic.
Helping Restaurants Grow with Data-Driven Marketing

How does Fishbowl help restaurant brands grow through a superior understanding of and deeper engagement with their guests? Watch the video to learn more! more

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Fishbowl’s clients lead the industry in data-driven marketing. Using analytics, digital marketing and mobile solutions, our clients are uncovering valuable guest insights, developing effective engagement strategies and building stronger guest relationships.

Latest News & Press

Sep 21, 2016
Fishbowl Featured in ‘Chain Restaurants: Heed this Warning’ Article by Results Thru Strategy

“Last week during an industry panel, former RTS Partner Mike Lukianoff (now Chief Analytics Officer at Fishbowl) offered insight we think is worth sharing. The topic of the panel — which also... more

Sep 14, 2016
Fishbowl featured in ‘Firebirds’ Inner Circle’ Article by FSR Magazine

“Firebirds works with data analytics solutions company Fishbowl, a major player in this field, and was handed the following metrics: While the average open rate for most restaurants is... more

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